Why Enter

13 March 2019 | Grosvenor House, London

Why enter


  • Enter to gain recognition from your peers and the sector 
  • Benchmark your best practice in front of your fellow colleagues 
  • Highlight your organisation's commitment to the excellent services you provide 
  • Demonstrate you are at the cutting edge of service improvement and innovation and have confidence in what you do 
  • Say thank you to staff and boost morale 
  • Encourage improvement across the sector
Enter with just 1,000 words saying why you should win
“We dreamed it! The recognition of what we’ve done coming to fruition, it’s great!”
 North Warwickshire Borough Council, Public / Private Partnership
“We were thrilled to win the team of the year award.  We have never entered the service for an award before and it was incredibly motivating for the team to receive such great external recognition.  Writing the award submission and the presentation helped to reflect on all the impressive achievements of the team and the awards ceremony was thoroughly enjoyed by all"
London Borough of Tower Hamlets – Winners of Team of the Year Award 2018

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