Top Tips

13 March 2019 | Grosvenor House, London

Top Tips

Preparation is key. Read the criteria carefully and allow yourself plenty of time to develop a well-thought-out entry. Don’t get caught out by the deadline. The final deadline is 21 September 2018. 

Remember you can enter more than one category – doing so will increase your chances of winning! But ensure that you address the criteria with each entry – the categories have individual requirements. 

Clearly set out the benefits of your entry – don’t just write a ‘stream of consciousness’. Make the judges’ job easier – write in clear, plain English, avoid jargon and explain uncommon abbreviations. 

Use attachments wisely. You may attach documents to support your entry but they should be limited to useful information that will help the judges to understand the impact of your work.  However the essential elements of the entry must be kept within the entry form fields – we won’t be able to accept entries on an attached PDF. 

Ensure you back up your claims with evidence. Judges are looking for entries that have good data. For example five measurable results of your actions that support your entry, key actions that were taken to achieve your result and feedback from those affected by your project. And if a project resulted in cost improvement, for example, tell the judges what this relates to – compared to the previous period or expected spend, to other organisations, to the relevant standard etc. 

Ask someone else, such as a colleague, to look through your entry before you submit. It can be helpful to ask someone who was not directly involved in the work you are entering – because, like the judges, they will not have intimate knowledge of the entry, so they may be able to suggest ways to clarify the details. 

Before you submit, double-check that you have fulfilled all the elements of the brief and provided all the evidence that the judges need. 

If you get stuck then don’t worry! Help is at hand - email 

Entry deadline:7 September

Good luck!

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