13 March 2019 | Grosvenor House, London

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The UK government is determined to transform the country and its standing. EY proactively supports the government to deliver it’s social reform agenda, create and grow an inclusive economy, strengthen the UK’s global standing and support the public sector and businesses to build a better and safer working Britain.

Within our Local Public Sector sphere, our mix of care professionals, clinicians and consulting staff are working to address the challenges that local public services face whilst navigating some key questions, around devolution, cost reduction and performance improvement.

EY has helped local authorities and their partners to deliver a real and sustainable step change. We demonstrate our commitment to successful sector transformation through the innovative commercial arrangements we offer and by supporting our clients to improve their local communities and the lives of their service users.

To find out more contact Darra Singh dsingh@uk.ey.com or Neil Sartorio nsartorio@uk.ey.com.

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