Public/Public Partnership

Brighton & Hove City Council

Youth Employment Hub Brighton & Hove

Through partnership, a no wrong door approach, triage and recognising and addressing intersectional barriers Brighton's Youth Employment Hub supports the aspirations and outcomes of Brighton & Hove young people. Young people, Brighton & Hove City Council and the Department for Work and Pensions have worked together to create a safe, welcoming environment to support young people on their journey to employment. Understanding that the building blocks need to be in place partners work together to improve confidence, well-being alongside professional employability support and mentoring. 

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough CA with Peterborough CC and Anglia Ruskin University

Delivering a new university model through powerful partnership

A ground-breaking partnership between Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority, Peterborough City Council, and Anglia Ruskin University has this year successfully established ARU Peterborough as a new, employment-focused university. Committed to transparency and trust, the partnership has delivered the university on time and within budget, fulfilling a 40-year ambition for the city. As well as addressing the city's higher education deficit, ARU Peterborough is a catalyst for economic growth and the regeneration of the city. The project has gained widespread support, securing £80 million in funding and winning multiple awards, with tangible benefits for learners, the economy and the local community.

Hull City Council with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

Therapy begins at home

Hull City Council (HCC) and NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Children’s Looked After (CLA) Team have partnered to give psychological support to some of our most vulnerable children. The partnership has enabled us to bring 27 children home to our city with vital support in place in our nine new children’s homes. As a result of the partnership, CAMHS successfully engage with 34 children with complex needs, 300+ staff are supported with the highest level of training so they can care for children who have experienced significant trauma and we have saved more than £2 million.

Lambeth LBC with APCOA Parking

Lambeth lead on national blue badge day of action

We highlight Lambeth’s leadership, bringing together councils to combat Blue Badge misuse, addressing significant impact on individuals and financial strain on councils, with our national Blue Badge Day of Action. The initiative focussed on protecting Blue Badge holders and preserving the integrity of the scheme. The financial implications are notable, potentially saving over £500,000 annually by eliminating fraudulent badges. While protecting vulnerable users the initiative promoted better kerbside management, reduced traffic, and improved air quality, also safeguarding revenues through improving parking compliance. This approach demonstrates our commitment to partnerships between all local authorities, in protecting residents and fairer kerbside management.

Lancaster City Council with Lancaster University

A collaborative approach to addressing the climate crisis through planning

Lancaster City Council and Lancaster University collaborated on the project Placemaking for Young Adults to engage young people in local plan development. The project addressed the under-representation of young people in planning processes and incorporated their visions and ambitions. Through engagement events, policymakers worked side-by-side with young adults to develop a placemaking framework and co-envision the future of Lancaster District.

Shropshire Council

River Severn partnership

River Severn Partnership has attracted unprecedented levels of government funding and is pioneering a new approach to managing and utilising rivers. Described by the Environment Agency as “an outstanding partnership”, it’s uniting partners across the Severn Catchment in England and Wales around an integrated approach to resilience in areas blighted by flooding. It’s created a powerful vehicle for change. A growing range of innovative projects are putting an area that’s home to 2.6 million people onto a more sustainable footing. The partnership’s biggest feat is the way it’s demonstrating rivers can be harnessed as a social, environment and economic asset. 

South Norfolk Council & Broadland DC with Anglian Water

Unlocking nutrient neutrality

Nutrient neutrality has had a profound impact on many parts of the country and has stalled development of thousands of desperately needed new homes. One of the most significantly affected areas is Norfolk where multiple districts have been unable to grant planning permission for new properties. In response, four district councils in Norfolk have formed a unique partnership to address this potentially catastrophic impediment to growth. The partnership is about to trigger a £1.5bn initiative which will have a profoundly positive impact on the economy of the districts, unlocking the backlog of planning applications for thousands of new homes. 

Worcestershire CC

System Partnership: Working to reduce health inequalities in Worcestershire’s d/Deaf population

This public sector partnership was based on a group of practitioners identifying significant inequalities in access, experience and outcomes across health and public sector services for the local d/Deaf population. Since the d/Deaf Working Group’s creation, community insight has been collated, system barriers and opportunities for action identified, and tangible service change and impact on residents made. Outcomes have been seen across strategic commissioning, cultural and workforce awareness and cost saving due to co-producing initiatives. The partnership group is now developing formal governance with a long term aim of widening its reach to the wider population living with sensory impairments.