Digital Impact

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Dumfries and Galloway Council

Digitally delivery of qualifications @swconnects – a virtual learning campus for secondary schools across South-West Scotland

@SWConnects is an effective digital delivery model for qualifications across all secondary schools in Dumfries and Galloway, East Ayrshire, North Ayrshire and South Ayrshire Councils. We embedded existing technology to bring about real change in broadening the curriculum to meet future needs. Learning through @SWConnects addressed inequity of subject choice in rural areas where resources prevented offering a range of Advanced Highers in all schools. Analysis showed that schools with a limited offer had proportionately higher numbers of children from poorer households. This collaboration has designed a sustainable digital solution, with results and pupil evaluation comparing well to class-based teaching.

Durham CC

Supporting the Provider Market Team use of RITA in care homes

The use of RITA really is an excellent example of how digital technology has been implemented across the county to enrich peoples lives and improve enhanced services to the people of County Durham. We now have 63 care homes using this technology and the data gathered clearly indicates that RITA has achieved the vision and improved outcomes.

East Suffolk Council

Digital towns: transforming the future

When we started our Digital Towns programme, we had 11 fantastic towns, but they weren’t thinking digitally. Many are rural and we wanted to bring them some of the digital innovation seen in big cities – which is essential for their growth. Across 11 towns we’ve delivered free town WiFi, email marketing, footfall data, digital audits and a digital skills programme, attracting tens of thousands of customers and hundreds of businesses, and encouraging town councils and BIDS to invest in digital, creating a virtuous circle where tangible digital benefits drive ever-increasing digital adoption – which unlocks more benefits.

Hertfordshire CC

Assistive technology for adult care services

An innovative Assistive Technology (AT) solution created in-house at Hertfordshire County Council, with the support of Adult Care Practitioners and families, supports residents to remain at home for longer, maintain independence and provides reassurance. The AT solution consists of an online dashboard providing a view of residents’ routines at home using various data points, gathered from a diverse set of sensors providing alerts to practitioners and carers when something is not right. Evidence from the pilot evaluation demonstrated reduced social care costs, reduced hospital admissions and family reassurance, resulting in the launch of AT across Hertfordshire from November 2023. 

Lancaster City Council

Digital dream delivers

Lancaster City Council has risen to the challenge of increasing the digital services available to our residents. In 2023 alone our new technology has received over 33,000 form submissions, allowing us to channel our limited resources into supporting those with more complex needs. This is the start of our digital journey, but the initial impact has been immense. Thanks to digital transformation, we have maintained customer service levels with less staff. We are proud that despite huge financial constraints, we can be there for all our residents, by providing channel options that each one of them.

Stockton on Tees BC

Revenues, benefits and welfare: simply digital

The Revenues, Benefits and Welfare service delivers council tax and benefit services to 90,000 residents in the Borough. Aligning with the whole council plan to ‘exploit digital technologies to ensure maximum cost effectiveness and accessibility’ the service invested in new technology to transform its service delivery from manual processing to customer self-serve with automated transactions. The overwhelming success of this ambitious project has transformed the way our customers access our services; over 30,000 residents and landlords are now registered and self-serving. 70% of our council tax transactions are reported digitally, many of which are fully automated without any officer intervention.

Wokingham BC

Developing and implementing joy – a social prescription app

Wokingham Borough Council initiated JOY, a Social Prescription App, to address non-clinical health challenges affecting 20-50% of GP visits. Collaborating with system partners, JOY connects users to 131 services, from social care to community nursing. This digital solution streamlines referrals, featuring case management software, ensuring a swift and efficient process. Integrated into clinical software, JOY enables three-click referrals from GPs, reducing time and effort. Insights from JOY's data aid in commissioning and population health management, impacting community initiatives positively. In 12 months, JOY supported 4939 individuals, exceeding NHS targets, resulting in improved wellbeing and reduced GP appointments by 23%.