Council of the Year

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Dorset Council

Ours is a story of the achievements made through local government reorganisation: one that others can learn and benefit from. As we approach our 5th anniversary, we’re proud of how we’ve grown as a new unitary authority. We’ve established secure foundations on which to build a bright future for the people of Dorset. We’ve converged and transformed services around people’s needs. We’re delivering better outcomes at lower costs. We have redefined local authority leadership through collaboration with our partners, residents and communities. Thanks to strong leadership, we are making Dorset a great place to live, work and visit.

Gravesham BC

Gravesham Borough Council has been described by others as a sleeping giant. Through hard work and collaboration between members, senior management, staff from all levels, and partners, the giant has woken. It’s making a difference to the lives of its most vulnerable residents through proactive projects; it is leading with partners on building community cohesion; and it is driving forward with an ambitious programme of regeneration where it is leading through example with its own award-winning town centre development. All the while it works to involve, develop and value a young workforce that is passionate about delivering for its community.

Great Yarmouth BC

GYBC’s strong sense of identity and shared vision, combined with evidence-based strategies and plans, places us in a unique position to deliver innovative and community-led place-shaping, steeped in our culture and heritage. With more than £300m investment attracting global companies, our collaborative approach is seeing tangible results, reversing decades of deprivation, poor education and health outcomes. Relative deprivation has improved and lifted the borough out of the 20 most deprived authorities. A recent BBC report ( summarises what we've delivered and an insight into our future. We have created a turning point, meaning GY can look to a brighter future.

Knowsley Council

Knowsley Council’s brave approach is successfully meeting some of the most significant challenges in the country. A clear vision to support those in need, develop inclusive skills and growth, and tackle the climate emergency is underpinned by well-established “Knowsley Better Together” principles which unify communities and businesses to work together to achieve more than they could alone. Facing up to deprivation and socio-economic issues, and never shying away from taking tough decisions, Knowsley can be hailed as an inspiration for any local authority looking to support challenged communities whilst also growing a better more prosperous place for generations to come.

Oxford City Council

Oxford City Council is unashamedly ambitious, with a strong track record of innovation and determination to ensure that all citizens benefit from the opportunities our city has to offer. We work to achieve this by collaborating with partners in the city, county and beyond. We use our “Oxford Model” to achieve our policy goals and generate income to support services many other councils have withdrawn. Our focus is to address areas that really need attention and will have a significant impact. Our aim is to create a culture and environment with citizens at the centre of everything we do.