Paul Sesay, Inclusive Companies Limited
Paul Sesay
Inclusive Companies Limited

Paul Sesay is a significant leader in the UK's diversity, equality, and inclusion sector. In 2006, he founded several important organisations, including the Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers, National Diversity Awards, and Inclusive Awards; in addition to these roles, Sesay is also the founder of Black Leaders and Black Inclusion Week, initiatives aimed at promoting and celebrating black leadership and inclusion in various sectors. Sesay's work primarily involves collaborating with large organisations to enhance their diversity and inclusion profiles. He also actively engages in community initiatives, focusing on empowering individuals from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds. His efforts have played a crucial role in acknowledging and celebrating the commitment to diversity by numerous organisations and individuals across the UK. Through his leadership and dedication, Paul Sesay has made a substantial impact on promoting inclusive practices and diversity across different sectors in the UK, positively affecting many lives and the culture of various organisations.